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Finally. I have actually managed to get my butt into gear and sort out a blog. I have been meaning to do this properly for a couple of years now and more so lately I keep thinking to myself "I wish I had a blog to write about that thing". Now I do. Whoop!

I hope to use this blog to write posts about cool things I've been doing - more than likely these will be tech related. Sorry.

If you've come across this blog and you don't know who I am then hello there! My name is Neil Stewart and I am a Cloud Systems Developer at Cloudreach. I live and breathe technology and I love to talk about it whether it is something I have done at work or random projects I've created. I love IoT and I am a little bit obsessed with home automation and  Apple gadgets.

Having worked at Cloudreach now for nearly 3 years, I have had a lot of exposure to seriously cool tech that has allowed me to discover a love and passion for Cloud Computing.

Areas of particular interest for me are in the areas of IoT and Serverless. Two things that are becoming more and more popular and present in everyday life.

I am probably rambling now (already?!?) so I'll leave it at that. I have some posts planned coming up to cover some cool things I've been working on lately so speak to you then.


Neil Stewart

Neil Stewart

Cloud Systems Developer at Cloudreach. Passion for DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure development. AWS Certified in 5 areas and working towards Chef certification. Apple lover and general tech enthusiast

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