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The Toolbox Part 2

I started off this "series" a few weeks ago to go through the tools I use on my Macbook. It covered various areas such as code development, Git management and Terminal replacements. In this second part, I will switch focus to tools for Mobile, specifically in my case - iOS.


SSH Client
Awesome, slick looking app for your SSH needs. You can generate and import SSH keys for secure connections and enable TouchID to prevent people accessing your servers. Saving new connections as favourites make using this app much faster.

I mainly use this for connecting to my RaspberryPi's or this blog VPS when needed. The app provides some configuration options for how the app works and looks which can make things easier to use and better to look at.

iPhone & iPad compatible

Textastic 2

Sublime-like Code editor

  • Open files from other apps, open files in other apps.
  • Code highlighting
  • FTP/SFTP and iCloud Sync
  • Upload-on-save
  • Run Javascript locally
  • Definiton navigation
  • Supports git repos from WorkingCopy (See below)
  • Custom keyboard for easy shortcuts to common characters

I like to use this to tinker with code. I haven't yet needed to write anything from scratch but this makes working on the move nice and easy. Support for an external keyboard means you can be mobile but still efficient with typing. I love to use this with WorkingCopy to replicate my Desktop workflow - You can pull from Github/Bitbucket to WorkingCopy then open that Repo in Textastic. Get some CI/CD in place and you are in business and able to work from anywhere. Saving the file will update the Repo and you can jump back to WorkingCopy to commit and push your changes.


Git Interface
Working Copy

A fantastic iOS Git app. Integrate with Bitbucket & Github easily. Supports creation and uploading of SSH keys for a secure connection and supports TouchID.

WorkingCopy is super powerful and supports all the git features I need to work on the go. Simple to use and configure, providing useful and fast access to your Git repos.


Networking Scanning

Sexy network scanning app. Very useful for quickly finding what is running on the network. Used mainly when plugging in a new Raspberry Pi to work out its IP or when tinkering with smart-home/IoT tech.

Overall I find working on iOS fairly easy when I need to. I don't do it for long periods but it is a nice experience when I do need to. Somethings to keep in mind - It isn't a desktop environment and doesn't have the same speed/power as a desktop environment. That said, if you learn how to work within the iOS eco-system, you can do some pretty nice things that can improve your productivity and more enjoyment of using the platform.

One area of iOS that this is shown and not known as well is the share button or Open In... option. These two options both provide you with the ability to open a file from one app in another location. For example, WorkingCopy lets you open a Repo as a Directory in Textastic - You do this with the Share Icon/Open In... options.

I'd be interested to hear about other apps that people use for this kind of thing or maybe some Android equivalents, share your ideas and thoughts below

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Neil Stewart

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