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We Won!

After two weeks of waiting in anticipation for the results of the .create() Hackathon at Cloudreach, we finally found out yesterday that #TeamKestrel won!

The winners are announced at Cloudreach

I am genuinely really happy about the result as it's the first time I've entered a hackathon and I think it is cool to be the first winner of the first hackathon at Cloudreach and for me! Nice one!

For those who didn't see what we did, check out my blog post on it here: Monz. Expenses Automated.

The aim of the project was to automate expense filing through the use of a new Bank, Monzo. They have an awesome developer API and we used a bunch of cool Serverless tech to make the integration. I go into more detail on the blog.

The exciting thing about the project, on top of winning, is the great response we've got towards it within the business - I have heard now a few times "when can I use it?", well now that the hackathon is done, We can continue to develop it into something much more usable (it already was, kinda.) as well as focus on new features and making it faster!

We have also taken the theme of the project - Finance automation and looking at how we might be able to apply what we are doing elsewhere - this could be pretty interesting!

Right, that's all from me this time - I am aiming to a post once a week on the blog but felt it is worth making an exception for the great result!



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Neil Stewart

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